RDF Condemns Bomb Blasts at Hyderabad


 Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF) condemns the dastardly act of twin bomb blasts at Dilshuk Nagar, Hyderabad yesterday. It is an anti-human blast incident that can be only described as an act of terrorism. The blasts killed 16 ordinary and common people, fatally injured 5 and injured 120. This shows that the blasts were triggered by professionally trained terrorists.

RDF expresses its grief and conveys its solidarity with the families of victims of these blasts. In a quick response, Delhi Police Special Cell attributed these blasts to imaginary “Indian Mujahideen” (IM). Similarly, British intelligence agencies have also in the name of alerting Indian agencies named the culprits as IM.

But what we can learn from the past blasts is that each time a blast was attributed to IM, Muslim people in that particularly city were targeted by the police. Hundreds of Muslim youth were arrested and incarcerated for years in the jails. We must remember that many of such blasts like Ajmer, Mecca Masjid, Malegao, Sumjhauta Expresss, etc, were also attributed to “Indian Mujahideen” but it was only later came to be known that all these incidents of blasts were acts of terrorism by the Sanghpariwar’s clandestine groups that were trained professionally. We cannot rule out the hand of Hindutva fascist forces behind these blasts in Hyderabad.

Apart from trying to divert the people’s attention from the separate Telangana movement which is at a crucial stage now, the perpetrators must be also trying to divert the attention of the people who are raising their voices of resistance against illegal and criminal execution of Md. Afzal Guru.

We would like to strongly state that the AP police should not arrest or torture Muslim youth in Hyderabad in the name of investigations. We also call upon the democratic organisations and individuals to remain alert and expose any evil designs of state forces to utilise the incident of these Hyderabad blasts to terrorise, torture and arrest Muslim youth in Hyderabad or anywhere else without any proven evidence.

We also condemn the media propaganda against Muslim community in the name of quoting intelligence agencies efforts to attribute the blasts to IM. The past experiences show that the name of IM was invoked only to blame Muslims.


Varavara Rao
President, RDF

General Secretary, RDF