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Stop the mass crimes in India!

The Communist Party of Greece (marxist-lennist) condemns the ongoing murderous crusade of the Indian repressive forces, both official and paramilitary, against millions of peasants and Adivasi (tribal people) in central India. The so-called “operation Green Hunt” that was jointly launched by the Central Government in Delhi governments of Indian states like Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Chhattisgarh etc, have turned into a bloodbath with killings, mass arrests, tortures and displacements, moving populations and whole villages is nothing short of a genocide. It aims to eliminate the armed revolutionary movement and to serve the plans of the multinational conglomerates. Meanwhile with this escalation of the political violence and terrorism against the cadres and the members of the revolutionary movement of the country as well as the harassment and intimidation of every progressive person that attempts to denounce these mass crimes continue to extend the reign of fascist terror across the country. The last and characteristic incident was the extrajudicial cold-blooded murder, of two cadres of the Communist Party of India (Maoist), following their arrest and torture by the Intelligence Service of Andhra Pradesh.

The CPG(m-l) conveys its revolutionary greetings to the militant communists in India and expresses it’s rage to the Indian government for the murder of com. Azad. We call on all revolutionary and democratic forces in Greece to support the struggle of the popular masses in India and to take part in the mobilization organised for today to condemn these crimes and atrocities against the people of India, outside the Indian Embassy in Athens.

Communist Party of Greece(marxist-leninist)

Athens, 06/07/2010
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