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Naxal outfit condemns Mumbai blasts

Soumittra S Bose, TNN - Aug 18, 2011, (Times of India)

NAGPUR: The Communist Party of India (Maoist) that represents Naxal movement in India has issued a statement strongly condemning the 13/7 terror blasts in Mumbai that killed around 20 people and injured another 80. The banned outfit, known for its anti-national rhetoric and armed struggle against Indian government, has also demanded free and fair probe into all the terror attacks in the country since 1992 Babri Masjid demolition. The press release, available on a pro-Naxal blog, has been issued by spokesperson Abhay representing the central committee of the outfit.

It says Naxals believed the state intelligence agencies and their machineries were responsible for engineering hatred and unleashing them on each other resulting in actions like 13/7 attacks. The outfit demanded impartial probe into the blasts at Malegaon, Mecca Masjid and Samjhauta Express. It claimed that government was turning a blind eye to the saffron terrorism.

Lambasting the government and its agencies for fabricating truth, the banned outfit has demanded the release of the those being jailed only for belonging to certain community on the basis of suspicion and not facts. The party, which stands for armed revolution, said that the Muslims wee being targeted on the pretext of investigation. "It is likely that the mafia gangs handin-glove with police and political leaders could be behind these attacks. Whoever else has done this, only the interests of the ruling classes would be served with such acts of mindless violence," said the release.

The outfit has held the government responsible for using the blasts as a political tool to gain majority support and divert the attention of the masses from the issues like price rise, black money, corruption, scams. Using the background of blasts, the release also highlighted that the government would try to frame draconian and repressive laws and use them against people. It argued that the government would project their need of importing arms and technology from imperialistic forces using the hard-earned money of common people in the name of security.

The Naxals have also urged the people to ensure they were not misled by the governmentsponsored propaganda and a section of the 'corporate media'.